Saturday, April 16, 2011


You know, it is in times of extreme sadness when you see who your true friends are sometimes. I lost my job yesterday due to downsizing and for those of you that called or text me asking if I am ok and wanting to know the details, thank you. It was a little more personal rather than just using facebook, seeing as how I couldn't really say all I wanted to say on there to anyone. You guys let me vent and let me know you cared.

I was really disappointed in some people and I think that is why I feel a little  heartbroken. I just would have called right away seeing if there was anything I could do. Maybe I am being a little selfish, but I am sad and sometimes people tend to be that way when they are upset or sad. Plus, aren't friends supposed to be there for each other?

Lately, I don't know if I should be reevaluating some things. Too much is going on to worry about that right now though. We will see as time goes and what the future brings.