Friday, February 3, 2012

Yesterday: Best day ever.

Well good morning blogger friends!


So we agreed not to be telling everyone but I don't personally know most of you so I HAVE TO SHARE! And those that I do know personally, please don't go tellin' anyone (we want to share the news with everyone ourselves)! Hehe

WE SECURED A HOMMME! A brand, spankin new home. We have a meeting with the bank Monday so depending on how that goes, we should have this home in about a month or less.

After our meeting with the bank, you better believe we will be calling EVERYONE!

I cannot wait until I can show you all pictures!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's OK Thursday

My attempt to post in the 10 minutes I have to sit and enjoy my coffee before I have to rush to work!!!

Its Ok Thursdays 
It's OK

... to be super impatient when buying a home.

... to fantasize about how you are going to decorate a home that you want to buy but aren't even close to actually having. 

... to not want to go to work because all you want to do is keep looking at pictures of the home and go visit it a few more times.

... to literally be obsessed with buying a home... I will stop now (well for this post anyway), sorry!

... to be more excited than your kiddos are about the 100th day of school.
... to begin freaking out a little bit (in a good way) to see that your wedding is only 44 days away. be annoyed at the bad grammar people have on facebook. "Dat" is not as cool as saying "that." Is it being lazy? I don't get it. Don't even get me started on there, their, they're.
... to ignore the people that tell you that you should be working out since the wedding is right around the corner.
... to always, ALWAYS be excited about your 40 minute drive to work simply because you can either listen to a hilarious morning show on the radio or sing at the top of your lungs to get you in a great mood. :) never, EVER be excited about the 40 minute drive home because you are so unbelievably exhausted even though the thing you want most is to be home. Does that make sense???

Shoot, 12 minutes. I will get better!  :-P