Friday, June 24, 2011

Amaaazing Summer

Apart from this disgusting heat... This Summer seems as though it is going to be a great one... well it already is! Here is why:

1. Kyle and I finally moved into the house. Soooo much more room and no one under us or sharing a wall with us. So nice! No pictures yet though :-/ I should probably get some.

2. We also got a puppy. Her name is Sydney and she is absolutely adorable. Although, I could do without her new whining and barking phase.

3. Transformers comes out on Wednesday. Loooooove Transformers! More than meets the EYE.

4. HARRY POTTER comes out in a few weeks. I might die... well that's being a bit of a drama queen. I will just be extremely happy about being able to FINALLY watch it but as its ending I will be tremendously sad that it is all ending right then and there. This little tid-bit is making me want to go back and read some of the books for the umpteenth time. Sad and nerdy, maybe, but who caaaares?! Not me that's fo sho.

5. Next is a fabulous trip out to the Bay Area for a wedding. One of Kyle's long time family friends is getting married and we are going to make an extra long weekend out of it. It is going to be great! I love any trip out there because it is one of the most beautiful places EVER. Not only that but its where Kyle proposed and my future family lives there of course :)

6. I get to go to Disney World again and it is going to be amazing. Gosh, is there any place that is better? The answer is NO.

7. My best friend and I get to go to HARRY POTTER WORLD. Oh man, I get chills thinking about it! It will be the first time for the both of us and that has been the plan since the beginning! We always knew that we would wanna go together and the time is finally going to be here come the first week of August. Good lord, that will be one of the best days ever.

8. School will start and I am going to be so excited to be teaching my first FULL year. It is going to be nice starting from scratch and having everything be MINE instead of stuff I took over from a sub.

9. Last thing, are you ready??? I FINALLY get to see Michael Buble LIVE. I just about died when I bought the tickets. I will be going with my love, one of my bridesmaids (WHO IS NEWLY ENGAGED WOOOOO!), her fiancee and my parents. For the past 6 years or so I have wanted to see him live so bad. Last time he was here it sold out too quickly for me to get tickets. You better believe I was there right at 10am to get these! I am over the moon excited about this. What a romantic night! He has the best. music. ever.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Small and quick update :)

1. Things are amazing.

2. WE GOT A HOUSE! Well, we are renting it but its sooo much bigger than what we have and we will have a garage! Can you say summer projects?

3. Paper work to end a school year is monstrous and insane... and a little ridiculous. Yeah, they don't tell you that during student teaching.

4.  We are getting a dog and kitty in a couple weeks!!!

5. I got a new phone that is freaking awesome. 

6. I am completely gutting my classroom because they are working to improve our school next year. Its a little depressing and sad. It was my first class and its all becoming nothing! Oh well, fresh start next year!