Saturday, January 29, 2011

Refreshing :)

It seems as though everything has been falling into place lately when it comes to wedding planning! Which is a huge relief on my part.

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but we will be getting married in Albuquerque, NM. The main reason is because I HAVE to have my grandparents there. I think I would just be heartbroken if they couldn't be and I know if we had it here, they wouldn't be able to make it. Another reason is because I just don't like this area very much... awful I know :) 

I do believe we found the most perfect place for our wedding ceremony AND  the reception which makes me an extremely happy bride. Why doesn't anyone tell you how awful it is to try and pick these places? It was to the point where our weekends and time after work were spent googling different places. Of course we found many gorgeous places but they had a pretty hefty price tag to go along with it. Definitely not happening. Why is it SO expensive to get married? And I hate places that try to show off. We aren't the couple that wants an over the top wedding... Yes I want it gorgeous BUT after looking, I have seen that it comes down to a crazy point and a sensible point. We want sensible. 

After getting over the fun of just looking at places, falling in love, then being disappointed with the price and response, we just started going to websites and emailing them right away. One night before going to bed Kyle got an email that sounded pretty good, and what do ya know? It's fairly reasonable!!! My mom and I visited when we were up in Albuquerque last weekend and I love, love, loved it! It is so old timey and cute! It's a little old Inn but I don't want to share too much because I don't want to jinx it! Kyle and I will be heading up there soon so that he could get a good look and then we can put down a deposit. Once that is done I will be posting pictures! I am so excited!!!

Now that we got that out of the way, we can finally deal with the fun stuff! And let me tell ya, Michele and I went to a Bridal Show and I got some GREAT ideas!  I love it! Can't wait to share some pictures with you guys.

Engagement pictures are next and one of my long-time best friends will be taking them! Can't waiiiiit!


Better blog post next time :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I was forced to update!!

Some randomness because Kathleen demanded that I update.

1. Wedding planning is such an exciting process BUT no one ever tells you how stressful and hectic it can be.

2. Choosing the things that truly matter is the hardest part about it all. All the little things that people probably wont even care about are the BEST part!

3. I think I chose the most perfect/fun cake topper and I can't wait for everyone to see.

4. My mind is currently on one track and it is labeled "Wedding."

5. I wish I had more girlfriends here to hang out with because this is the time that you need them!

6. I get to go to Albuquerque this upcoming weekend to celebrate my cousin's engagement! I am very excited about it! I am really sad that Kyle has to stay behind because everyone has been dying to see us since we got engaged. Boo to him working on weekends this month.

7. I have tons of school work to do today and thinking about it makes me cringe simply because all I want to do is READ MY BOOK! Grr.

8. The only school work I am actually excited about doing is spending the $600 the school gave me for my classroom. I think I only get to buy like two things but oh well! I will use them ALL. THE. TIME. I am so excited :)

9. Laying on the couch in sweats and under blankets doing nothing is one of the best feelings in the world. Hence me doing it now.

10. I have Monday off and I am welcoming it with open arms and so excited about it! I am not lying when I say you REALLY appreciate any break you get when you are a teacher!!!

And that is that. Happy Kat? Hehehe

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Can you say M.I.A.???

I am extremely sad that I had given up on my blog for a while. Between work and Christmas break, things were just WAY too hectic and busy to have time to sit down and write. Things still are crazy but I couldn't wait any longer, there is just so much to catch up on!!!
School was CRAZY for me the last couple weeks before break... It's so weird how the kiddos sense that school is almost over. Getting their attention during those weeks was one of the most frustrating things! You can only imagine that I welcomed the break with open arms. One good thing that happened in those couple weeks was my birthday! It was a blast too. Kyle, my parents, my brother and I all went to see Jeff Dunham. No matter how many times I watch his stuff I still end up laughing my butt off. He is great live! I recommend everyone see one of his shows at some point.
On a side note, I got an In-Styler for my birthday. I LOVE IT! Another recommendation from me... just sayin'.

So at school I had the Christmas party from HELL. Holy cow it was so bad that I am pretty sure I am not going to have a Christmas party again in my class. I probably will with the kiddos but parents wont be aloud and they are not aloud to bring anything. I sent a note home specifically asking that no one bring anything because it was all covered. My Christmas gift to the kiddos was that I bought pizza for everyone. Apart from this, I was allowing one mom to bring in cupcakes because it was her little girl's birthday. Then I let one other mom bring drinks because she had asked me way in advance. Since this was all covered I wrote that note expecting that parents would listen. Of course they didn't. There was candy GALORE and my goodness did it make those kids hyper. Then another parent brought huge (not exaggerating) bags of candy and inside it was a recorder. You know those flute things that we all played in elementary school? Oh... my... God... At this point I wanted to tear my own head off. Not ONE kid was listening to me when I said to save them to play at home. Parents were just standing around watching and not helping AT ALL. Between me trying to pass out all the food and trying to tell the kids behave, I was exhausted. While doing this, all the kids were upset about not getting cupcakes (THAT parent never showed up!!!). I was so relieved when it came time to go to the other Kinder class to watch a movie. Peace at last... that is until the parents that were SUPPOSED to bring the cupcakes AN HOUR BEFORE barged in wanting to sing happy birthday and do everything right then. So then we had to stop the movie and go back into my classroom to get this all done. It was taking FOREVER so I had to tell the other teacher to watch the movie without us. The peace I was hoping for slipped through my fingers... sad moment, I know. After that more parents brought donuts! It was just never ending in my classroom. You can see why next year will be completely different. I think I had nightmares about those stupid recorders for a good week after the fact. UGH.

I was extremely relieved when break started. It was so nice to have the stress off my shoulders. Even though I had tons of work to do, I knew that I had two weeks to do it (and everyone knows I am a big procrastinator!). I got to hang out with my best friend which I always love then it was time to pack up for California! This year we decided to spend Christmas with Kyle's family (then next year will be my family and so on) and I am glad we did. This Christmas was absolutely perfect. Our first night we had a big party with all the families that are really close to Kyle. Lots of food and white elephant gifts made for a great time. Also, watching everyone play beer pong was hilarious because Kyle's brother did not lose. It was great! Christmas Eve had to have been my favorite because Kyle took me to San Francisco! I have been many times before and it still is my most favorite place to go to, I love it. We spent our time one Pier 39 this time (last time was the Golden Gate Bridge area at the Disney museum!). We just walked around looking at all the cool things and spending time warming up in the shops!

(Disney Museum of course!!)

Only in a big city... and of course I laughed and took pictures.... I might be going to hell. 

There was the COOLEST Christmas shop there and of course I spent way too much time in it! I could have done some serious damage to my bank account if I stayed in there any longer than I did. I wanted to buy this WHOLE Christmas village set. Gorgeous.

We ate these bread bowls that were just amazing. Kyle had clam chowder which I actually liked which was surprising. 

Biggest tree ever.... I think I took about 20 pictures of it. I was amazed and awestruck! 

Just taking advantage of one of the amazing views of Alcatraz!

From here, we walked around the bay, looking at seals, the Golden Gate bridge and everything else the dock had to offer. We kept walking and I am pretty sure we ended up and the next pier because all of a sudden we were alone next to this really old trolley station looking thing. It had a gorgeous view of the city. It was sunset so everything was glowing and just beautiful. Very romantic! It was so quiet away from all the tourists and so pretty because it brought us lower and closer to the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. It was at this moment, sunset, city, bay and all that Kyle got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!!!!!! It was absolutely AMAZING! I don't think I could have asked for anything more perfect. He did everything I dreamed of! The moment being romantic, asking my dad first, asking my best friend for advice, and my biggest dream of all... asking me on Christmas Eve. I still can't get over it all happening. I am engaged now! How weird is that?! A good weird though :) I feel a little bad though because I just kept saying "Are you serious!?" instead of just screaming YES! I of course said yes eventually but I was just caught off guard!

My beautiful most perfect ring. Sometimes I can't help stare at it!

 Our first picture as an engaged couple!!! This was Christmas day and I don't think I have to mention that we were extra happy this Christmas. 
So I am pretty sure that our wedding will be March 17, 2012, BUT if everything is way more pricey because it is St. Patrick's day, then we will have it March 10th. Let me tell ya, wedding planning is scaring me. We had to buy a book just so we would know what to do! Ahhh... so much to do. So my blog might slightly turn into my wedding planning stuff! Haha... especially since I will be making a lot of the things myself. We will see...

I will TRY to update more... TRY :)

Now I am off to make some pancakes with my fiance <3

P.S. YAY WE ARE ENGAGED! I just can't stop saying it enough :)