Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Favorites

My Morning Coffee... I don't drink it to wake myself up. I sit and sip it to enjoy my morning! I love lounging and watching whatever I DVRed the night before or reading when I am drinking my coffee. LOVE IT.

PINK sweats... Oh my goodness, by FAR the most comfortable things ever. Pricey but if you wait until the semi-annual sale and stock up then, then you get a good deal. Perfect combination with my morning coffee!

Nail polish with glitter... I am a little obsessed and have been for quite a while. I don't know why though because it is a pain in the BUTT to take off. Even with that in mind, I might be going out to hunt this color down today. I WANT IT.

Bath and Body Works candles... Definitely the best candles you can get. They are usually 2 for $20 and burn better and smell stronger than Yankee (or whatever top brand) which you can usually just get one for $25. We burn them all the time. So many delicious smells and I am obsessed with changing them for each season or depending on the weather. I am a weirdo. Right now we are burning Sparkling Mojito and Caribbean Salsa. Sooooo good!

Online Window Shopping... So I don't actually ever buy anything (well, usually) because I am a cheap-skate but I love looking at lots of stores online fantasizing about all the amazing clothes and things I could possibly have. Right now my obsession is looking for dresses for the wedding we are going to this month and clothes and swim suits to wear to Florida. Ugh I am a loser.

Rain... The non-existent rain that we have here depresses me. WE NEED RAIN! Not only do I love it, but the fires in the area are getting out of control. Rain, rain, please come our way!

Vintage Everything... Vintage wedding stuff is amazing and makes me melt inside just a little. Lately I haven't just been obsessed with the wedding stuff but everything. It is just beautiful and so romantic.

That is all for this Friday! Hopefully I remember to do this next week, it was fun!

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  1. YAY for blogging updates! PS. If you want rain...move to Florida. It has rained EVERYDAY since I've been here. No lie. Just looked out my window and SURPRISE it was raining.