Saturday, December 31, 2011


I haven't just been MIA... I went completely AWOL!

Well I think I have a good enough excuse(s)... Not only am I planning a wedding and not only is school INSANE this year, but I am toying with the idea of creating a teaching blog. I follow a few teaching blogs that create their own worksheets and curriculum themes and sell them on a teacher's website! I thought this was totally cool :) Plus they make great money on it too. So my debate was to maybe do this after this school year. Let's be honest, I have a gut feeling this will be my last year teaching simply because I think future hubby's job will transfer us to ABQ and there are NO teaching jobs there. I will probably have to get something that has few hours and pays very little (unless I can find a management position somewhere!) Who knows though, maybe I will luck out. Anywho, if it does not work out then I was thinking about creating a teaching blog but also do more crafts and sell stuff on etsy? All works and ideas in process, gotta be prepared!

Well that is why I haven't blogged. I was going to start this "teaching blog" concept back in October but now that I am wedding planning and working more, there is no possible time. I would seriously only get about 2 hours of sleep a night.

Maybe I will just do fun things for now. My friend does some cool link up things that I totally want to copy her on!

To completely turn the tables:

Can you believe that tomorrow is 2012 already?! I sure can't!!! This year has FLOWN by for me when I totally thought it would drag. I started off thinking that it was going to be the longest year of my life because I am so anxious to marry the man of my dreams but because I have been so busy time has flown! We are so excited to start this new year, we both know it is going to be the best ever!

Reflecting on 2011:

We got the cutest puppy in the entire world. She also happens to possibly be the smartest dog I have ever had.

I got my teaching job back! And this school year I have the best class EVER.

I got to spend time in Disney World with my best friend!

I also got to experience Harry Potter World after waiting YEARS to go with my best friend!

I moved into a house with my love! (So much better than apartment living!)

I realized that I will be marrying into a family that has some of the greatest friends imaginable.

I closed the chapter of my childhood by being apart of the final Harry Potter showing with some of my best friends!

The wonderful world of Pinterest was introduced to me by a blogger I follow. Life changing site, really. You can find me here:

I got to FINALLY see Michael Buble LIVE. Oh... my... gosh... best concert EVER. EVER. EVERRRRRR. If you get the chance, go! Totally worth whatever price you pay for the tickets.

I spent a full year in engagement bliss! Apart from actually planning a wedding, I have loved it! I cannot wait to call Kyle my husband!

I have been totally blessed with everything this year and 2012 is already promising to be even better, I am so exited. I will be getting married to the love of my life, we will probably be moving to a city that has lots of friends and family, we will be going on an AMAZING honeymoon, maybe even get another pup... and so much more. I just can't wait!

Resolutions (had to do this because Kat did!)
-See more positives.... I feel like I sometimes focus on the negatives too much and end up complaining about it. When I look at the positive outcomes, then the negative usually doesn't seem all that bad.
- Take more pictures (yes Kat, I stole yours). I have been AWFUL at it. Maybe a year in pictures??? Sorry Monica, I might steal that from you too. I am a thief today.
- Try to keep in touch with people more. I HAVE to start... I have been upset lately that I don't talk to some of my close friends anymore but I guess the blame is partly mine. Instead of just texting them, maybe I should pick up the phone and call? Or maybe there non reply to my text is them trying to tell me something? HAHA.

Goodbye 2011, hello 2012!


  1. Steal away! I never kept up with it! I should try again too....

  2. Ditto....I steal all the time. Not literally but you know what I mean! :)