Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday's Squib

1. Cleaning your apartment sucks, but the end result is so relaxing and blissful.

2. Driving around in a brand new car that is all yours is simply amazing. I am very proud of my new car and the upgrade I have made to my life and daily commute! Hehe

3. I get to see my best friend a.k.a MOH in t-minus 30-something hours. I cannot WAIT.

4. A wrench has been thrown in my bridal line up and I am FREAKING out inside... Hopefully I will get some good advice from a few of my bridesmaids this week.

5. I get to try on wedding dresses for the first time on Tuesday and I MIGHT cry... That moment is when it all hits you! Say Yes to the Dress has gotten me prepared HAHA!

6. I realized that I haven't read a full book in... well I can't remember actually. It makes me EXTREMELY sad. I love to read and I haven't had a moment of time to, and when I think I do, I only get about 3 pages read until I have to put it down and do something else that needs to be done. I think I have been reading the same book for 3 months.

7. This reading drought makes me even more sad because as of now, my perfect, beautiful, cute little NOOK is only being used to read my magazines. I WANT TO BUY TONS OF BOOKS!

8. I get to leave for Albuquerque with my mom and two best friends on Monday and I am beyond excited to just have girl time. A girl needs it every once and a while.

9. I have realized this week how DISGUSTING some parents can be and it kills me inside a little bit. Some people should NOT be allowed to procreate, I swear.

10. I was looking at a friend's wedding pictures online and came across the engagement party and wedding shower pictures and got sad all over again. I was sad before knowing that we wouldn't get to do that because everyone lives too far away, but I eventually got over it.... well I thought I did. We are only going to be in the engaged stage once in our life and we get to miss out on all those little fun things a lot more than others simply because everyone close to us is moving away or already lives far away. It breaks my heart.

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