Sunday, March 6, 2011

Change of heart...

So my  last blog post was all about the Terrain right??? Welllll... after car shopping that quickly changed. Never trust online car shopping. You think you are in love with something and then when you see it in person, you are highly disappointed!

Everyone had been telling me to look at the Equinox and after looking at it online, I was just "Eh..." about it. Well when the time had finally come to go out and start shopping around, we decided to stop by Chevy to at least look at it. Needless to say, Kyle and I both fell in love with it. The website didn't do it justice. Not only that, it drove SO SO SO nice, and for 32 miles to the gallon for an SUV, the idea of having this car was amazing.

Of course  I knew I wasn't going to settle on that car... it was the first one we looked at!!! So we went to quite a few other places both in Las Cruces AND El Paso (talk about tiring) and everything we looked at just didn't give us that same wow factor.

We liked the Terrain but the body style of it just wasn't as nice in person. Not only that but after the test drive we both thought that it shifted gears a little too hard. The entire time looking, my mind just kept going back to the Equinox.

Finally we decided on the Equinox but EVERYWHERE we went was sold out or only had the luxury versions of it (leather in this weather??? Ew, no). We called the original place we went to and had seen the car and they had sold it just hours after we left!! My world was crashing down because I was finally set and ready to buy a car!

I came to terms with the fact that I MIGHT not get it or would have to wait and wait and wait until more arrived in the area. Well while Kyle went golfing yesterday, mom and I were continuing our search for another nice SUV when we get a call from the original dealership telling us that a brand new Equinox came in and she wanted us to look at it! Mom and I turned the car around so fast (we were headed to the east side of El Paso!).

Let me tell you, when it comes down to the bottom line of buying your car, it SUCKS. They try to add on any more little bit of money that they can and it is beyond ridiculous. At one point I got SO mad and P.O.ed that I started crying. Yeah, I am one of those... when I am mad to the point where I am about to chop someone's head off, I cry. I hate it!

There was a point where I really thought about giving up and just leaving. Buying a car is supposed to be amazing and exciting right?! Well they were just bringing me down so low that it was tedious and making me think "Do I really need to be spending this kind of money?" Luckily Kyle had made it to the dealership by this time and he had made me feel better. I turned into bitch Ashley and made them realize that what they were doing was wrong and disgusting so the guy ended up bringing back down the price. Not EXACTLY where I wanted it to be, but close enough. Then when it came to the signing, they tried to add MORE with warranties. He thought we were two young dumb kids who would fall into his trap. HA! Wrong! He was NOT happy.... kinda makes me smile when I think about it!

As soon as the key was handed over to me, all the negativity from that day washed away. This was a huge deal for me!!! And let me tell you, I was NOT getting tired of all the congratulations I was getting from everyone :)

And now everyone, let me introduce you to my new baby:

This is RIGHT after they handed it over to me! WOO HOO!

Love <3

Of course I had to add the Miner pick :) (side note: do you like my monkey slippers?! HAHA!)
God, it even lights up BLUE. Match made in heaven.
You also better BELIEVE that I am trying my hardest right now to get a specialized license plate simply saying "NUGZ" :)

Too bad I am stuck inside doing some online training for work. I am trying my hardest to come up with excuses to go out and drive it.... This could be bad.

Yay for FUN grown up things!!! (I will probably change my mind about that when I get my car payment statement in the mail)


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  1. Love your car! I have a Chevy Aveo. Hopefully see you in the Bay area some day soon! <3 Jeff