Sunday, August 7, 2011


I was thinking about how I was going to go about doing this blog. Should I make an extra long post? Should I write it in parts? I am afraid if I do the latter I would forget to do parts 2, 3 and possibly four. No bueno. I decided that I am going to do only a highlight reel. Who knows, it might be dumb and I will have to post another. Let's give it a whirl.

1. First stop: Hollywood Studios. The day starts out good... until we start walking around and realize we are melting.

2. We decided to take our first load of comfort and air conditioning by going on Aerosmith's Rockin' Rollercoaster. I desperately want my dad to try this ride. 

3. Then of course was one of my favorites, Hollywood Tower of Terror!

4. After those rides we were pretty much done with Hollywood Studios. We met some amazing people on the way out that made me laugh pretty hard. Scary driver comin' through!

5. Next stop was Epcot. We already needed relief so we stopped into a store to cool off and mess around!

6. I needed my prince charming there! We need this Mickey ear set soooo bad!

7. More cooling off: trying different soda pops from around the world! Heads up, Italy is effin GROSS. It tastes like Sprite at first, yum right? Well give it about 5 seconds to really start tasting like you just drank battery acid. Ugh, the thought gives me gross chills. 

8. Next, my favorite, the world showcase... I was chosen to be in a street performance. So much fun but I know I made a fool of myself. :-/

9. Character meetings!!! Kisses from Tigger, hugs from Mickey and Minnie, and compliments from our favorite princesses...We ate up every bit of it because we are still children at heart.

10. Magic Kingdom. Ok, so we already were technically there because that is where we did our character meet and greets (except Tigger) but for me, it isn't official until I see that beautiful, amazing, breathtaking castle.

11. After a day of fun and riding all the classic rides (and taking breaks in shops to cool off) we had the best ending to the night. A dessert party, and if you know me then you know I was in heaven being surrounded by chocolate and other yummy treats. Of course we had VIP seats to Wishes and the new, most jaw dropping show ever.... the castle projection show. Yeah, get ready to have your mind blown while watching that one.

12. We officially ended our night by watching the Disney..Electrical...Paraaaade (robot voice). Only if you have seen it you'd know the tune for that in your head. Fun none the less. 

13. Next day, St. Augustine. Sorry, no pictures really because all we could think about doing was napping and relaxing on the beach. Disney WORE US OUT the day before. 
14. Are you ready??? The best part of  the trip: HARRY POTTER WORLD. I don't think anyone realizes how special this was. Kathleen and I have been friends for a while but we truly became BEST friends because we realized we both love Harry Potter and have many other interests that are the same. When we first learned that there would be a Harry Potter World we told each other that we were going to go together. After 6 years, we finally did. Let me tell you, it was everything we expected and more. I am so glad we were still able to share this moment together.

15. Hogwarts Express.... chilling!

16. Entrance to the best ride I have ever been on. Ever. You can hate Harry Potter but trust me, this ride will blow your mind! I had a smile ear to ear the entire time I was on it. We went on it twice but thinking about it now, I am sad we didn't go on it three more times because it was THAT amazing!

17. Best drink ever!!!! Also, some cooling off at Honeydukes. So much fun!!!

18. We bought WANDS! Best decision ever, thanks Kat for talking me into it. Also I think we secretly wish we had these cloaks too and that this moment was real. We are the best losers ever.

19. Lunch at the Three Broom Sticks... Amazing experience and amazing food. We both ate Cornish Pasties and with it, I had Pear Cider... delicious!

20. Overall, AMAZING experience. 

21. Since we paid for the Universal Park Hopper, we decided to take advantage of it. I don't know if we were just tired from the previous days or what but we were NOT feeling Universal. I am pretty sure we complained most of the time and got mad at every worker because they were not polite like Disney Cast Members are. We still trotted on though, forcing ourselves to ride the rides and continue the Universal experience. 

22. Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, BEETLEJIUCE! Most inappropriate show ever, but at least we got to sit down.

23. We still walked around and even tried to take a nap in a restaurant. Yeah, we suck. We decided we were done and went back to Harry Potter World... Our spirits and energy lifted a little bit by going back! 

24. After we got home and freshened up, we went out to dinner with Kathleen's amazing friends. They were so much fun, and dinner was DELICIOUS.  Let me tell ya, if you ever get the chance to eat pomegranate pork chops, DO IT. So good!!

25. After a lonnng but AMAZINGLY FUN week, it was time to head home. The flight was miserable because I was so tired but I am weird and can't sleep on a plane. Kathleen and I are definitely too old to jam pack as much as we did into three days. Or maybe we just need to wear more comfortable shoes next time?   :)

I was so excited to get home to my fiancee and puppy! I was completely shocked when I pulled up into the garage and Kyle walks out holding flowers for me and telling me he missed me and welcome home! It was so unbelievably sweet. I love him so much! 

To Kathleen's rommates: Thank you for letting me bum around for the week! You made my trip fun and I am glad my best friend is living with great people!

To Kathleen: Thank you for the most wonderful trip ever! I am always happy when we get to be little kids together and I love any time I am with you. You truly are the bestest friend any one can ask for!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Although I am extremely sad that you officially live so far away (for a longer period of time than I am used to) , I know we will make sure we have more trips and childish moments together, and also Skype ALL THE TIME! Love you!


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  1. So this is my most favorite post EVER! :) Ditto to all of the about best friend! :)