Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fastest update ever!

Only because I am too lazy to do more.

We went house shopping today!!!!!!!!! And let me tell ya, I think we might be looking at getting a brand new house and it will totally be tailored to what we want. Needless to say, I am OBSESSINNNNNG! I can't stop looking at pictures and fantasizing.

Two quick/big negatives about buying a house:

1. Your brain will be on the brink of explosion. Really, it is a million things to take in, not to mention all the money you will have to give up with just one little signature once the time comes to do so. Like wayyyyyyyyy more money than you ever planned. Who knew that it's not just a down payment you have to give away at signing? Note to self: No more trips to Target, Hobby Lobby or Barnes and Noble for a long, long while.

2. The process takes foreverrrrr. I am a person that has a one tracked mind. If we have a decision made on something, then I want to do it or get it done right then and there. Well not with buying a home... its going to take forever!!!!!!!!!!! You have to wait months for the house to be done (if going this route) then you have to wait like almost two months for a loan to go through... THEN you have to wait for all the closing crap! I might go insane, and when I go insane I go to Target or B&N... oh, this could be a bad cycle. :-/

Now, it is not set in stone whether we will get this home that we are looking at because we agreed to keep looking for just a bit. Who knows? We may find something wayyyy better. Like I said though, I have a one tracked mind... I want this one now!

Sneak peaks to what this (possible) home might be like:

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