Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So I am a little late with this link up but I really wanted to try something new and I loved this one! Not only that, but one of my resolutions (that I may have not posted) was that I need to STOP stressing when I get home from work. I get home and literally just worry about the next day or what needs to be done. It's got to stop and I really think that is why I have so many migraines... It is not healthy.

Skip forward to now... I love reading blogs, it's what I do on the weekends and when I am not worrying after work, I usually check to see if any of my favorites updated their blogs! So I figured if I start this whole link up thing, maybe it will be my stress reliever and maybe I will find some new friends and blogs to follow! I know my bff did and that is what I want too! So here we go:


 1. A new kitchen island that i am obsessed with!!!

2. A Mickey snuggie!!! I live in it because I am cold pretty much 24/7

3. A personalized Mickey watch! (See? I was already living in my snuggie.)

4. My first wedding snow globe to add to my collection.

5. New Coach sunglasses!!!

Of course, this is just a few things and I am thankful for EVERY SINGLE THING I got! I am so lucky to have such wonderful people and things in my life.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!

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