Sunday, November 28, 2010

Back to Reality

Say it isn't so... Can it be? The break is almost over??? :(

I enjoyed this break more than you could imagine. I got everything done as planned and more! My Thanksgiving was great, all we did was hang out, eat and play board games. The food was beyond amazing and I think I was the fullest I have ever been at Thanksgiving! Thinking about it makes me sad that I have to wait another whole year for more :-P

 The boys got lucky with this game haha! We are all obsessed with Cranium!

The dogs were able to join in on all the food fun. They went crazy for whip cream!


Demitasse just sits here sad all the time because she is too old to do anything. Poor girl.

This is Baloo and he is one of the most spoiled brats ever.

But my brother loves him to death.

I am going to give you a fair warning now... This blog is going to be nothing but tons of pictures. What else did you expect with me putting up my Christmas stuff this weekend??? There would be more if my best friend Kathleen and I didn't forget to take pictures when we were out! Ugh... we're awful. I always get sad when we forget to take them. 

Well, like I said, I put up all my Christmas stuff this weekend. I have been prepping for a while because I made most of everything that is up, even down to the bows. Everything I bought was mostly cheap stuff and I made something out of them. The only thing left is my tree skirt which you will see in pictures. I cut out a felt snowman and letters to write "Merry Christmas With Love" on it but haven't gotten around to hot glue them on. I did the same for my stockings which are still plain but when I have more time, I will add to them. I think my favorite thing I did was making my ornaments. I have some gorgeous ones I collected from Bath and Body Works when I worked there but they weren't nearly enough to fill the tree. I saw a tutorial on Today's Fabulous Finds to make paint stick ornaments and since they cost next to nothing, I tried it. I LOVE THEM. They make my tree look old-timey and I love it! Basically I took 5 gallon paint sticks and cut them into 4 inch rectangles. Took the template that was on the blog, printed them on scrapbook paper, and mod-podged them all! 

Now, she says not to use an ink-jet printer.... I did and it worked fine. If you just sweep one quick coat of mod-podge on then it doesn't smear at all. LOVE THEM! I didn't paint them like she says too either because I think the wood goes well with the look of my tree. It's perfect! I have some pictures but they are pretty dark, I was too lazy to try and get good ones! Hehe

Here was my tree when we were starting:

And after:

I hate our star but oh well. There weren't any white lights anywhere so I settled for blue. Maybe I will find a better one next year. 
Side note, do you like my mangled looking, not glued on, should have moved it, snow man on the skirt?!

I WILL take better pictures, I promise!

And here are the rest of my decorations:

I mod-podged the Noel sign too! I used some fun scrap book paper I found:

I think I love mod-podge.

Excuse the mess... it's presents that need to be wrapped :-/

That white bow was a pain to make! It just did not want to cooperate. Kyle bought me that Mickey snowman :) I love him

Our apartment is so Christmas-y now and I just love it!!! 

This was our apartment before...

I made a freaking mess while getting everything together. I know it was getting on poor Kyle's nerves but he was a good sport and let me be :)

In the spirit, my bff Kathleen took mine and Kyle's Christmas card picture so I ordered them last night and pick them up tomorrow! I am so excited!

Even though it is back to reality this week, it is still going to be a great one. Tomorrow is my dad's birthday so we get to go celebrate that with him. Then Thursday we get to go see Jeff Dunham. He is so dang funny live so I am very excited about that. Then Friday it is my birthday!!! Its going to be a great week!!!

Well I have TONS of work to do so I better stop procrastinating!!! Happy Sunday!

P.S. This isn't the one I chose for my card but I liked it too!

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