Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How does anyone do it?

I don't get how some people are always going and going yet still have time for fun little things or something as simple as being able to post a blog :( I am dying for the opportunity.

Its weeks like this one is already starting out that makes me wish I lived in the same town as my job. I think that is whats getting me. I wake up at 5:30 to leave at around 6:30, work all day, stay late because so much still needs to be done, and then come home, make dinner, do a little more work, then go to bed. Wake up and repeat. The drive is about 40 minutes and it's just 80 more minutes a day that could be spent doing more productive things. Not only that but I am dying to talk to my best friend! I was horrible and forgot to call her the other night and then me not actually sitting down til about 9 last night made me not able to skype with her :(

Don't get me wrong, I love love love teaching. I just wish I had better time management I guess it is. Or had more time for me in general during the week. I think I am just being mopey because I didn't get to have fun this weekend. I was in bed THE WHOLE TIME. The only time I was up was when I got to go to my parents and I still felt a little crummy. Boo germs.

Well just had to get some ranting in before heading out to work. Gotta blow dry my hair and finish getting ready! Fingers crossed that I can write a real blog soon because I love it! It's so much fun but when will I get the time??? Sigh

P.S. Suggestions welcome as to how I can fix my little problem!

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