Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yay for real updates!

Ok, let's try this.

Apart from me being sick, teaching has been crazy busy. Luckily it makes my days fly by because I am constantly going and running around like a chicken with its head cut off. The work is on going. I just wish I could catch up so I don't feel so stressed and worried about the next thing I have to do.

Stress aside, I am very excited for the activities planned for the rest of the week and upcoming events (hello, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up!). In class we have been learning about celebrations; what they mean, what we do and family traditions. Well this week we decided to come up with our own holiday and way to celebrate it. Our holiday is Pet Day and one of my boys thought that the main celebration was to eat pie while the animals have treats. Cutest. Thing. Ever. We ended up writing a class letter to the office stating why they should make Pet Day a holiday within our school and they did a pretty good job! We also made crowns to wear with pictures of pets because on Friday we are going to have a Pet Day parade around the school and that is when we are going to hand in our letter to our Principal. You can only imagine how excited my kiddos are.

Next week is our Thanksgiving week and they are letting us put a hold on our curriculum (YAY!) to do anything we'd like with a Thanksgiving theme. All the Kinder teachers came up with a great thematic unit and I can't wait to get to it ahhh!

Today I also got really excited because my class got all new chairs. If you had a classroom full of old junk then you would share my happiness.

Aren't they lovely and oh-so-cute??

The head secretary in the front office is one of my most favorite ladies and she has been since I was interning there. Last week she came into my class and gave me a handful of free things and told me to do what I want with them. Today I was able to go through them and there are some great things! I put one up (that's all I had time for) and I like it. They are all things that are going to make my classroom so much more fun :)

I'm such a weirdo that LOVES cute little things like this!!!

Well chicken soup is ready for me but before I go I wanted to share one last picture with you.

How cute is this? This is from one of my best students. He was just having a bad day and let one of the other kids talk him into playing a little too roughly with my ABC set. This melted my heart when I got this. :)

Well any-hoo, I am hungry, its cold, and there is warm soup waiting for me. TTFN!

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