Sunday, November 7, 2010

I promise I was going to update sooner but if you knew anything about my past week then you would know exactly why its been so long. Oh my... where to begin?

Well I obviously started teaching this week and let me tell you, it was one of the longest weeks ever. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED it but it was beyond exhausting. As if it isn't hard enough being a new teacher, try entering in November. Then on top of that, realize that your class is so far behind that it actually scares the poo out of you. Then on top of that, realize that your class has SERIOUS behavior problems because the sub thought it was okay to let them run wild (insert an eye roll from me here). Then on top of that, realize that the sub hid/took/misplaced a bunch of necessities for the classroom. Then on top of that, realize that everyone expects you to already know what you are doing when it comes to using the newly adopted curriculum. Are you tired just reading it??? Yeah it was pretty scary. As of now it looks like my work is never ending which is tiring.

What really made my week almost miserable was the fact that I was having severe migraines EVERY DAY! Really? It had to happen THIS WEEK?! Luckily Kyle bought me some great medicine this weekend that is working wonders. I am going into this week like Wonder Woman now that I have it!

Out of everything that was mentioned, none of it was even the craziest part of my week! The part that was insane to me was the fact that I saw a child completely lose it. Unfortunately I had to write up a referral (on my 3rd day... ugh) because through this whole process she kicked my students, kicked and punched me, did the same to two other teachers and was mistreating the principal as well. Just writing and telling the story doesn't do it justice. I have seen fits but this was beyond anything you could possibly imagine!!! I was so shocked, scared, and mad that I was actually shaking. Hopefully we can get this little girl some help. She is only five and this kind of behavior is happening which just breaks my heart.  No matter what is going on, nothing warrants this type of behavior as a reaction. When it causes harm to others it is to the ridiculous point. The part of the story that kills me the most is that the ones that care for her don't want to admit anything is wrong and will continue to let things go on the way they are. This poor little girl needs help and starting this week I am going to  try my hardest to get it for her in any way possible. She is only 5 for crying out loud.

Apart from the stressful stuff, I really realized how lovely it is to be teaching. Gosh as corny as it sounds, it is where I belong!!! I am so happy teaching :)

This weekend was a good one! Even though I am sick (what else do you expect your first week back teaching?!) I was able to clean the apartment and relax all day yesterday which always makes me happy. The best part of the weekend was today. We got up, made french toast, a must this time of year.

This afternoon we went to the Renaissance Fair here in Cruces. I had so much fun there!!! I don't think Kyle had as much fun as I did but that is ok, he still said he enjoyed it :)

I fell in love with these clocks!!!!

I really wish prices were a little bit better because then I could have come home with some goodies! Oh well, maybe next year. Ugh and maybe next year I will actually remember my camera! I was so disappointed that I had to use my phone. I hate when I go to great things that have good picture opportunities and I ruin it with doing something as stupid as FORGETTING MY GORGEOUS CAMERA. GRR.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I will TRY to post a little more often this week and if I don't, well then you should know it was probably another crazy one!

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